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 Home            About Us          Our Services          Testimonials          Booking          Contact Us    
"I have used reporters from Hannah Kaufman & Associates for several decades. And not once during that time did I have a single problem with the quality, promptness and cost of the reporting services provided. Hannah's staff is professional at all times. If you want reporters who "don't get in the way" during a deposition, and who deliver the record you want and need, I cannot think of any court reporting service that equals, nevermind exceeds, the quality of court reporting from Hannah Kaufman & Associates."

                       Philip S. Ward
                       Hasard Bonnington LLP
                       San Francisco, California

"Since 1978 my firm has been calling on Hannah Kaufman & Associates for court reporter needs. Hannah Kaufman & Associates' hallmark has consistently been prompt response and reliable service combined with professional, friendly reporters who arrive on time and prepare accurate transcripts. They can even arrange a reporter at the last minute when other services lack the flexibility to respond. Not long ago, I called Hannah Kaufman & Associates on a Sunday afternoon to obtain a reporter for an arbitration scheduled for the very next day, and it was arranged and confirmed quickly and competently. Hannah Kaufman & Associates will be there when you need them. I can highly recommend their services."

                       Jerome Young, Esq.
                       Mullen & Filippi, LLP
                       San Francisco, California

"The attorneys in my firm and I have been using Hannah's court reporters for more than 30 years and we can recommend them unconditionally. The court reporters are always professional and on time and submit their transcripts quickly and efficiently. The deposition transcripts are well-edited and almost never contain any typos. More importantly, the transcripts give full value. The full page is used and I have never felt that I was being gouged as I have with some court reporters. Hannah herself is an absolute delight and it has been my pleasure to have known her all of these years."  

                       Ann S. Kaplan, Esq.
                       Buresh, Kaplan, Feller & Chang
                       Berkeley, California

"We have utilized the services of Hannah Kaufman & Associates for over thirty years. Their reporters arrive on time, are professional and give quick turn around on transcripts when requested. We are extremely satisfied with their services, that's why it's the only court reporting service that we have called on to take depositions."

                       J. Scott Weaver, Esq.
                       Wartelle, Weaver & Schreiber, P.C.
                       San Francisco, California

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